Introduction to Tournaments and Leagues


This documentation is a work in progress. All statements are about the current state of the game and subject to change as the game evolves.

There are daily tournaments and more elaborate weekly tournaments. There are two daily tournaments six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. They are held at the same time each day.

Tournament Structure

Each tournament has four participant gladiators and three matches. All bets on those gladiators are pooled and then paid back out to the players that predicted the right over all winner.

In the "semi-finals" each gladiator is paired with one other. The winner of those semi-finals matches qualify for the finals. The winner of the tournament is the gladiator that wins the finals match. There is only one winner for each tournament.

The winners of each daily tournament are eligible for the weekly "Qualifier Tournament" currently held each Wednesday. Those will have a larger prize pool (currently 100k PTG). Each winner of the weekly tournament is then qualified for the next "Champion of Champions" tournament that are held periodically. These are the pinnacle of achievement for a gladiator in the Crypto Colosseum world.

There may also from time to time be special tournaments such as a Free Agent tournament. The gladiator that wins the Free Agent tournament has their contract put up for auction!

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There is one league at this time, the Emporer's League.

The Emporer's league is the pinnacle of competition of the Crypto Colosseum world.

Other leagues will evolve underneath the Emporer's league feeding their champions in and allowing relegated gladiators to win their way back to glory.