Getting $PTG on the Polygon network.

Crypto Colosseum is built on Polygon, a L2 commitchain of Ethereum. The in-game currency is Prestige ($PTG). Playing Crypto Colosseum does not require you to buy $PTG nor have $MATIC on the network (we use gasless transactions), but if you'd like to buy $PTG here's how. The app will offer you either a Torus wallet or Metamask when you sign up (it says 'Traditional Login' or 'Web3 login'). Either choice is fine and similar from here on out.


You may have noticed your game wallet has a different address than your Metamask/Torus wallet. That's because we deploy what's called a smart contract wallet for you that lets you use the game without having to pay for gas (but everything is still fully in your control).

Already have a Polygon wallet and tokens on Polygon?#

Easy peasy. Swap here: and send the WPTG to your game wallet. You can also swap directly in the game wallet with several tokens (click 'Get more PTG').

Have tokens on Ethereum?#

You can easily move value from Ethereum -> Polygon using Hyphen or the official Polygon Bridge. If you need a little $MATIC to move things around there is a faucet available which will give you enough to make a couple of transactions.

Have crypto on a centralized exchange?#

If you have any crypto in a centralized exchange then Hippodrome makes it easy to get $PTG. The simplest thing is to is to click 'Get more PTG' and then follow the link to Hippodrome.

Are you an advanced DeFi User?#

You can actually get $PTG for free using QiDAO. The basic idea is to open a vault with your crypto, take a negative interest loan and turn that into $PTG.

Completely new?#

Here are some exchanges that offer withdrawal to the Polygon network.

You can also buy using cards/bank accounts:

We hear Coinbase support is coming soon. In the meantime, you can use the "Hippodrome" technique above.