King Of the Hill Tournament

A pool of gladiators will be selected to participate in the King of the Hill Tournament. This will ususally be between six to eight gladiators.

There is a random pairing of two gladiators and they fight. (2500 PTG is put in the prize purse and there is betting.) Whoever wins the match rejoins the pool and the loser is eliminated from the tournament.

Two new gladiators are randomly paired. (For now, rolled in discord.) A new one-on-one match of those two is created with a 2500 PTG prize purse and after a short amount of bidding that match is run.

This is repeated until there is only one gladiator left standing. They are declared the King of the Hill.

That gladiator's contract owner recieves a 10000 PTG prize.

Our first ever King of the Hill Tournament will be the Top 7 Free Agent Gladiators by rank on August 13th.