Crypto Colossseum Greatest AI Narrative Whimsy of All Time

This page stands to record some of the greatest narrative moments to come out of our pet AI, GPT3. From a battle, discord trash talking or gladiator histories. You make the call, but the more whimsical the better!


RankNarrativeDatelinkI was there
1Epic Trash talking between Victor Victorious and Dread Pirate RobertaJune 16, 2021link@icarusz


RankNarrativeDatelinkI was there
2Epic Trash talking from Neptune during a battle with PickoloJune 30, 2021link@icarusz

" Neapolitan Neptune charges at Pickolo, swinging his sword. Neapolitan Neptune: "I'm going to shave your hair off" Pickolo ducks and punches Neptune in the face. Neapolitan Neptune: "You're just a little punk. "