Introduction to Combat in the Crypto Colosseum

Each match is a competition between two gladiators.

There are four primary influences on the outcome of a match.

  • The gladiator stats: Attack, Defense, and Health
  • The faction that each gladiator represents
  • Any items that either gladiator has been assigned (max 3)
  • A random number which is used to generate the outcome

A match has a series of rounds. Each round has an attacker and a defender. At the start of the match it is essentially random who attacks first, but for each subsequent round one gladiator has the edge.
This edge is a two out of three chances of getting to attack next.

If the attacker was successful in the previous round and did damage they have the initiative and have the 2/3 chances of attacking.

If the attacker failed to do any damage in the last round the defender has the upper hand and enjoys the 2/3 chance of attacking.

This leads to streaks and rewards good defense.

Essentially all of the above factors get rolled into a single Attack and Defense roll. The damage is the amount the Attack is higher than the Defense.