Liquidity Rewards

Liquidity incentives are distributed in traunches. As of this writing, traunch two is available here: .

Liquidity providers earn Prestige ($PTG) by providing liquidity to the protocol. Unlike other token farms the $PTG bootstrap operates a little differently: there is no need to buy $PTG (in Traunch One).

The name of the contract and app providing the PTG is Fonticulus.

$PTG liquidity is provided as a pair trading on QuickSwap (The polygon equivalent of Uniswap). You provide the $MATIC side of the pair and fonticulus will give you the $PTG side for the pool. Fonticulus requires you lock your LP token for 90 days.

sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Fonticulus participant QuickSwap Alice->>Fonticulus: Sends 10 $MATIC Fonticulus-->>QuickSwap: What's the price of PTG? QuickSwap-->>Fonticulus: 60 PTG per MATIC Fonticulus->>QuickSwap: swap 1 $MATIC for 60 PTG Fonticulus->>QuickSwap: addLiquidity(9 MATIC, 540 PTG) - 480 PTG supplied as a reward. QuickSwap->>Fonticulus: sends 9 LP tokens Note over QuickSwap,Fonticulus: Fonticulus holds the LP tokens Fonticulus->>Alice: NFT good for 9 LP token (redeemable in 90 days)

In 90 days, Alice may redeem the Fonticulus NFT for the QuickSwap LP tokens.


Fonticulus operates on the Polygon (MATIC) mainnet (not ETH mainnet) and requires you point your metamask to that network. Chainlist is an easy way to add the Polygon mainnet to your metamask (Brave built-in users will have to add manually).


Traunch Two#

  • 10mm PTG available
  • $MATIC/$PTG Pair
  • 90 day lockup from time of deposit
  • 80% $PTG provided (10% of send used to purchase PTG)

Traunch One (filled)#

  • 10mm PTG available
  • $MATIC/$PTG Pair
  • Initial price of 60 $PTG per $MATIC
  • 90 day lockup from time of deposit
  • 100% $PTG provided