Crypto Colosseum Seasons

A Season of the Crypto Colosseum is 6 weeks long.

The first season is from Monday October 11th until Sunday November 28th.

There are two layers to the scoring calculated during each season.

First there is a gladiators score for the season.

Gladiators earn points for each victory they have during that season. In the PRAETORIAN league they earn 1 point for each daily tournament victory and 3 points for each weekly tournament win. In the EMPEROR League gladiators earn 2 points for each daily tournament win and 5 points for each weekly tournament win. These will be adjusted as more leagues are added.

Second there is a Ludus score for each season. The scores of the TOP FOUR gladiators for EACH LUDUS are added together to calculate the Ludus season score. This is automatic and the Ludus does not need to name which gladiators contribute to the score. So a gladiator might start off slow, not be in the top 4 early, but come on late and work into the top 4 in their ludus in time for the Ludus Playoffs that season.

At the end of the season there is a Ludus Playoff. The #2 and the #3 ranked Ludus's for the season will face off in an Octo Tournament. The 4 top gladiators (by score) participate in that tournament. Whichever gladiator wins the overall tournament, their Ludus wins and advances to the finals.

Then the #1 Ludus faces off against whichever won the playoff match (#2 or #3).
Again its the top 4 gladitors based on score from that Ludus in rank order that compete.

Whichever gladiator wins that Octo Finals Tournament brings home the season championship for their Ludus.

There will be prizes for the CONTRACT HOLDER of each gladiator from the winning Ludus in the Finals Tournament.

There will also be an increased regular prize purse above the weekly tournament purse.

Prize PoolsSeason One
100,000 PTGOverall winning gladiator’s contract holder
20,000 PTGEach contract holder of the other gladiators(3) from the winning Ludus
10,000 PTGEach contract holder for the runner up Ludus
100,000 PTGSplit evenly among all gladiator contract holders in the winning Ludus (per gladiator)
50,000 PTGSplit evenly among all gladiator contract holders in the runner up Ludus (per gladiator)

There is a trade deadline which happens two weeks before the last day of the season. After the trade deadline no one can join a new Ludus and represent it for the season score or represent the new Ludus in the post season.

All scores reset every season, both Ludus and individual gladiator.

At the end of the season there is also relegation and promotion of gladiators but these will continue to be based on the PTG the gladiator is holding, not the season score as described above.