Crypto Colosseum Release Notes


DateTypeChangeFull Description
July 5DefectFix for Betting LogBETA Feature betting logs needed some adjustment to store data offchain. When bet list got too long it would just hang.
July 2New Item ReleaseBoomStix!Three new marketplace items, BoomStix were released. A common, uncommon and rare. They have 1 activation per match and either undermine the gladiators defense or give them a massive attack boost. ~15% chance of activation per turn.
June 30ReleaseVenly PacksVenly packs are an easy way for players to buy PTG especially in the US. Bonus items are included in most packs. After some delays new packs were released.
June 29DefectPrevent Double BiddingDouble Bid issue - During times of network slowness, if the player hits “submit” a second time they can accidentally double their intended bid! This is now prevented.
June 29EnhancementNew "Auction Needs Your Attention" tabPlayers were unable to tell which auctions required an action on their part - Added a tab which shows any auctions the player has won or needs to retrieve their PTG if they lost.