Crypto Colosseum Evolving the League System

The Emperor's League is the pinnacle of the Crypto Colosseum world. The biggest prize purses, the most powerful gladiators, the highest stakes.

There can only be 25 gladiator in the Emporer's League at any one time.

The league below the Emporer's League is the Praetorian League.
More will come in the future.

At the end of each season the top two Praetorian's will be promoted and the bottom two from the Emporer's league will relegated. There will also be a "play in tournament".
The #23 ranked gladiator in the Emperor's League fights the #3, #4 and #5 gladiator for that last spot in the Emporer's League.

All new gladiators join the "newest" league as that builds up to 35 gladiators. If that "newest" league hits 35 gladiators a new league will be created with the 36th addition and the bottom 10 will join that league.