Crypto Colosseum Evolving the League System

The Emporer's League is the pinnacle of the Crypto Colosseum world. The biggest prize purses, the most powerful gladiators, the highest stakes.

The plan is for there to be a 25 gladiator cap on this league in the future.

To reach that the Emporer's League will grow to 35 and then a new league will be formed below it. The working name for this lower league is the "Crusader's League". The lowest ten gladiators will be relegated to Crusader's League and daily tournaments will be held for them. This is likely to be 1/day to start. Once that happens the 25 gladiator cap on the Emporer's League will be set and permenant.

Each 4 weeks there will be a relegation week. The top 3 gladiators from the Crusader's League will be moved up into the Emporer's League and the bottom 3 in the Emporer's League will be "relegated" to the Crusader's league.

All new gladiators will then join the Crusader's League as the number of gladiators in the Crypto Colosseum continues to grow. A similar pattern will occur when that grows to 35.