Getting $MATIC on the Polygon (matic) network.

Crypto Colosseum is built on Polygon, a L2 sidechain of Ethereum. The in-game currency, Prestige ($PTG), exists on the Matic mainnet. Playing Crypto Colosseum does not require you to buy $PTG nor have $MATIC on the network (we use gasless transactions), but if you'd like to buy $PTG or participate in the liquidity incentives you'll need $MATIC on the Polygon mainnet.

Buying directly#

As of this writing a few places offer ways to purchase $MATIC directly on the matic network: AscendEX, Ramp Network, Transak, and MoonPay. If you are transacting in USD or live in the USA, your options might be more limited.

Moving from Ethereum#


You'll need $ETH on the ethereum side to pay for the bridging transactions. As of this writing (150 gwei gas, $2100 eth), it costs about $USD 50 in transaction fees to bridge $MATIC.

If you have the $MATIC token on the ethereum network you can move it from ethereum to the Polygon mainnet using one of two bridges: the official matic bridge or zapper. Both bridges have a similar process:

  • approve the bridge to move your matic
  • move matic to the network (takes about 7-8 minutes after the ethereum transaction is finished).

Moving from Binance Smart Chain (BSC)#


You'll need $BNB on the BSC side to pay for the bridging transactions. You won't need much, but it does cost something.

As of this writing, there is no direct $MATIC -> $MATIC bridge across chains. However xPollinate supports moving DAI, USDC, USDT across networks. The happy path right now involves moving over one of those stable coins (make sure there is enough liquidity on the Matic network side) from BSC to the Matic network and then using QuickSwap to exchange the stable coins for $MATIC.

Moving from a centralized exchange (CEX)#

If you have your $MATIC on a centralized exchange the best thing to do is withdraw directly to the Polygon network. However, as of this writing, the author only knows of one centralized exchange offering that service: AscendEx.

If your CEX does not support withdrawing directly to the MATIC network, you will need to use one of the above techniques in order to move your $MATIC from either Ethereum mainnet or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Remember when withdrawing that you will need either ETH or BNB (respectively) in order to accomplish the bridging from Ethereum or BSC to the Matic network.