Prestige Liquidity Rewards

It's a new era in the Arena. Nothing here should be construed as financial nor investment advice. Do your own research. The PTG token is a game asset. Nothing here should be construed as suggesting the price of $PTG will go up or that you will make money.


Lots of folks have asked for a way to buy more $PTG so they can make bigger bets, buy more items, and particpate in upoming Gladiator / Ultra-rare auctions. Liquidity for Prestige ($PTG) is an important aspect of gameplay, allowing folks to purchase $PTG on the open market and move up the ranks faster. Now players can either spend time grinding up from their new player rewards or buy into the protocol to increase their standings.

We view this liquidity as a necessary step before Gladiator auctions can happen. Folks need a way to bid what they want on special items and gladiators.

A new way to earn Prestige ($PTG)#

shut up and take my money

Crypto Colosseum just launched a liquidity rewards program. Read more about it here.


Liquidity is provided as a pair on the QuickSwap exchange. QuickSwap is the Polygon version of Uniswap and has the deepest liquidity of any exchange on the Polygon network.

sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Fonticulus participant QuickSwap Alice->>Fonticulus: Sends 1 $MATIC Note over Alice,Fonticulus: Note: Alice does not need to provide $PTG. Fonticulus->>QuickSwap: adds liquidity (1 MATIC, 60 PTG) QuickSwap->>Fonticulus: sends 1 LP token Note over QuickSwap,Fonticulus: Fonticulus holds the LP token Fonticulus->>Alice: NFT good for 1 LP token (redeemable in 90 days)