New Round of Liquidity Rewards

Visit for rewards. Read more here.

Traunch Two#

  • 10mm PTG available
  • $MATIC/$PTG Pair
  • 90 day lockup from time of deposit
  • 80% $PTG provided (10% of send used to purchase PTG)

Traunch 1 of liquidity rewards filled up in 10 days without announcing outside our community. Traunch 2 is now available, and there will be quicker turn around between rounds from now on.

Traunch 2 works the same as traunch 1 (read more here, here). The only difference is now 80% of the PTG side of your liquidity is provided for you.

When you send matic to fonticulus, it uses 10% of your send to buy PTG from the pool, then it deposits the rest into the liquidity pool and does the same lockup as before (90 days).

The new flow:

sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Fonticulus participant QuickSwap Alice->>Fonticulus: Sends 10 $MATIC Fonticulus-->>QuickSwap: What's the price of PTG? QuickSwap-->>Fonticulus: 60 PTG per MATIC Fonticulus->>QuickSwap: swap 1 $MATIC for 60 PTG Fonticulus->>QuickSwap: addLiquidity(9 MATIC, 540 PTG) - 480 PTG supplied as a reward. QuickSwap->>Fonticulus: sends 9 LP tokens Note over QuickSwap,Fonticulus: Fonticulus holds the LP tokens Fonticulus->>Alice: NFT good for 9 LP token (redeemable in 90 days)